Frequently Asked Questions


Design Features to Enhance Your Web Site

There are many ways that you can make your web site more attractive, fresh, interactive and useful. These include:

Rotating Pictures

Rotating pictures are a great way to make your site appear fresh to your viewer without having to do frequent site changes. Various graphics can be programmed to change each time the viewer refreshes the page or returns to a certain page. (Refresh this page several times to see different pictures appear above.)

You can include 3 - 10 graphics in the rotation. If you have more than one set of rotating pictures on a single page that increases the combination and makes the site even more interesting. The graphics can be set to rotate in a particular order or at random.


Forms/surveys allow viewers to register for events, request        
information, request work orders, send messages, etc. When a
viewer fills out a form and clicks on the send button, he receives a thank you page, and an e-mail with the form information is sent to the appropriate parties.


Countdowns to Special Events

A countdown to a special event shows how many days are left until the event occurs. Each day the web site automatically adjusts the number of days remaining. This is a good way to create excitement for special events, shows, etc.

Appointment Calendars

An appointment calendar is a great tool for scheduling events for all to see. An administrative interface is provided so that you can update the calendar yourself with any additions, deletions or changes to events. The web master is not needed for making changes. This saves you time and money.


Direct Customer Uploads

A direct customer upload allows you to make changes to your web site yourself. This useful feature allows you to add/delete information to your web site without knowing how to program. All the uploads are done using a password protected form. You can upload both graphics and text.

Customized E-mails

Your web site will include professional e-mail accounts. You can create customized e-mail accounts for you and your staff. You can have accounts for orders@yourdomain.com, info@yourdomain.com etc.


Shopping Carts

If you are interested in selling merchandise online I can create a secure shopping cart for your business. You can have multiple categories to showcase your products with images and text. Your customers can be assured of secure transactions when placing orders and using their credit cards online.

All credit card information is encrypted.



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