Frequently Asked Questions


Marketing Your Web Site

Once you have designed your web site and have it up and running on a server you need to get visitors to your site. But how?

There are several ways that you can market your web site:

  • print your web site address on all your business cards and letterhead
  • print your web site address on all your business correspondence including brochures, newsletters, invoices and statements
  • include your web site address in all your print advertising, as well as your radio and television ads
  • include your web site address on your signage for your company
  • include your web site address in the phone directory along with your physical address and phone number
  • include your web site address in your e-mail signatures
  • create reciprocal links with other web sites

Search Engines

It is important that your site is listed with the major search engines so that your customers can find you. All of the design work and programming that I do on your site ensures that it is search engine friendly.

Your ranking on a search engine is dependent on many factors including:

  • site design
  • site programming
  • meta tags
  • image names
  • site title and description
  • other links to your site
  • number of visitors to your site
  • length of time that visitors spend on your site

The algorithms that search engines use to rank listings are constantly changing. So don't believe promises you hear to get your site in the top ten of the rankings. If this were possible, then everyone would be in the top ten and we all know that cannot happen.


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